Ep 11 - Give Yourself a Break

We're back! We know we've been gone awhile, but we're excited to be back with you.

Today we're getting real with you and talking about giving yourself a break. Doing internal work is hard, and we need to be able to give ourselves some space to process and to just be. It's hard to do. There are always external pressures to be the "best" and to be "perfect". And it's easy to compare ourselves to others. 

We also have a hard time giving ourselves a break, and we're telling you about in today's episode.

And we even give you permission at the end...to GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.

Ep 10 - Don't hesitate, MEDITATE

In today's episode, we are talking about meditation - misconceptions, what it is, the benefits, why we started meditating and some tools you can use to start your meditation practice.

Meditation is NOT about turning off the mind, rather it's about being in the present moment and allowing thoughts to float through your mind without engaging.

Benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep and overall health, improved relationships, clarity and concentration, which all lead to a new understanding of life.


As always, be gentle with yourself. Meditation is a lifelong practice. And while the logistics can be easy, allowing thoughts to float through your mind rather than interacting with them can be tough. Just take it one meditation at a time, and keep practicing. 

Ep 9 - Listener Story: Brian's Awareness Journey

On today's episode...our listener, Brian, shares his awareness journey. He talks about stepping away from his career to pursue his passion and worrying about what friends, family and colleagues might think. He overcomes these fears by tapping into his awareness and using tools such as meditation and journaling. He's able to create a perspective shift and ultimately experience more happiness across all areas of his life. This is a powerful episode you won't want to miss! You can connect with Brian at brian@ultramindful.net.

Ep 7 - I'm aware, now what?

On last week's episode, we talked about how to tap into your awareness. This week, we are talking about what to do once you become aware.

Here is the process:

  • Become aware
  • Investigate (thoughts, feelings, emotions, journal about it!)
  • Realize what's going on
  • Choose action
  • Rinse and Repeat

Remember that this is a lifelong practice, and it takes work. And sometimes we choose to stay in the box for various reasons. Sometimes it serves us and sometimes in doesn't. Remember, life outside the box is often more fulfilling!

Ep 6 - Tapping Into Your Awareness

Today we are talking about how to tap into your awareness and how to use it to full positive change in your life.

Key thoughts:

  • We all have access to awareness.
  • We are often not aware because of our busy minds.
  • Awareness gives the option the choose; the freedom of choice.
  • Tap into your awareness by noticing your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  •  Awareness = opening the box flaps.

Ep 5 - Setting Powerful New Year's Intentions

In this episode, we talk about how to set powerful intentions by: 1) setting the right goal and 2) setting your goals based on how you want to feel. 

We also go through the process of breaking down goal setting into yearly, weekly, monthly and daily goals to help you actually accomplish your goal.

Lastly, we talk about how to hold yourself accountable to your goals.

As always, there is a fair amount of laughter. 

We hope you enjoy!

See more at http://life.thesturdylife.com/blog/setting-powerful-new-years-intentions